The Good Old Days

man and woman sitting on grass playing cards

Interesting in today’s busy life we do not necessary get the time to spend valuable time with the people we care for, internet and loads of information  working around the clock to put the next meal on the table and in most cases struggle to keep a roof over our head, how life has changed and in many ways not for the better, when you take into consideration rising cost of living and wages going down or non-existent and the fat cats like service industry creaming of all of us with many feeling they have no way out and charges coming from every direction, no wander many take their lives.

The only grace in all this if any thing it has given people time to breath and reflect listen to music watch a great film or with the people in the lock down play cards, tell stories, play a game, hopscotch, do paintings and drawings, read a book, get the dominoes out or a good game of scrabble and maybe snake and ladders.

Lets face it back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s people had to be creative and a lot of energy was playing games together and having some fun the game of marbles in the backyard or a game of darts some of the children’s games locked away with a inch of dust has now become very useful.

Save lives stay inside with your pets except for the odd walk at least the sun is shining, and we are not in two inches of snow and heavy down pours of rain to dampen the spirit.

I can remember my grandfather doing his crossword with a beer and a drunken budgie swaying off the end of his pen or pencil then picking at his hair how I valued those times. My grandmother telling me about ring of rosy and the chair game having to pick up a handkerchief when the music stopped with one chair less all would walk quickly, run around and try to get on the chair the last one wins.

The crazy simple things that brought laughter and fun and somehow bonded every soul together, now we have the time to do crazy simple things.

Those that find themselves,  on their own cook a favorite meal listen to music and do the things you did not have time  to do and amazingly the time fly s by at least with technology we can ring a friend chat on line and have some fun.

I was told out of every bit of bad luck comes good luck it seems very hard when the future looks bleep but somehow out of nowhere there is a sliver lining.

Always try to have fun our lost ones would want us to be happy even if they are not here in body and only in spirit.

What would you want for those you love?



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