Cash Flow not There trying to Look after Your Cat

blur care cat close up
Hey, to have your money stopped and no cash coming in makes life very difficult trying to juggle to put food on the table and look after the loved ones, the small amount provided is almost an insult to humankind.
How can one afford to pay out, there are some areas you can save on with owning a cat, if your cat is inside ask friends and neighbours to save their newspapers instead of  spending on cat litter this is an automatic saving. Although cats are clean animals and this needs to be changed often.
Some cheaper cat brands can cause health problems for your cat so usually fresh is best, if you have meats in your freezer which has been their awhile why not cook up for your cat instead of throwing away they can eat often what is not quite right for us humans.
Make vegetable soup with mince it goes a long way my cats love it and it is a cheap way of feeding all.
Use some home remedies when it comes to fleas like apple cider fleas hate the citrus then vacuum regularly
Some herbs you may have in your cupboard can help with the odd complaint like salt or Baking Soda sprinkle over and leave for a few days before vacuuming and dispose from vacuum cleaner straight away in outside bin to get rid of fleas and parasites.
Lemon spray this is also good for wasp stings slice a lemon thinly and add to a pint of water and bring to boil let citrus sit overnight and pour into a spray bottle and spray the infested areas in your home do not soak just dampen may not work on heavy infestation.
Rosemary by making an herbal flea powder place the herb with some rue, wormwood, fennel and peppermint and grind into a powder then sprinkle on carpets furniture etc, the myth is it will repel and prevent them fleas.
Flea Repelling plants can also help like Penny Royal Chrysanthemums Lavender Spearmint
Buy items from charity shops and clean thoroughly.
Do some research a lot of normal remedies from experts often are a lot cheaper and more effective sometimes you do not need to visit the vet.
If you can buy some food in bulk often it can be cheaper and in some cases the delivery is free
Look after your pet in hard times some people dump animals, they have feelings and needs like ourselves there is always a way of getting through have faith and hope.

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