person sitting on rock on body of water

Today more than ever we are faced with the challenge of survival, never in man kind are we faced with such turmoil at least in World Wars we could see our enemy and have a chance of out whiting the enemy.

The silent killer is on the rampage and no one knows who is going to survive or not, yet it is so real and terrifying this has no mercy leveling  the world from poor to wealthy a like, yet humans do what they do best.

I was amazed and it really hit home when all the shelves were bare and people bought far more than they ever could consume. Which the planet cannot afford is further waste and not think of any body else, the main people that may save their lives if they have access to important needs.

Then very wealthy people with organisations and more money than they know what to do with. take away a persons living and ability to survive.

I was told out of every bit of bad luck comes good luck if you are prepared and look for it, I am hoping that the ones that do survive and are there for human kind and value life and consider others come out of this beaming in all areas of life because they deserve to.

People like animals have long deep memories and feelings that count, they do not forget and when times are hard as they are today and needs are great they will remember and I believe the next successful companies, organisations, etc will flourish from doing what is right for every living soul.

Therefore, I beg the nation to stop, think, look after yourselves and the ones you love, do what is right for now in the silence for many we have time to reflect how important we really are? How do we impact others who will miss us and who will we miss?.


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