Importance of Sleep

close up photography of sleeping tabby cat

Driving in the car I was listening to the radio about sleep and the importance of sleep getting 6 hours to 8 hours of sleep per night, which start me thinking about the time I was involved in multi-level selling with the answer to get more done to have less sleep. Some people are okay with a minimum amount of sleep, however to get the best out of what time every human being has to deal with surely the best remedy is to have enough rest, have you ever noticed when you do not get good deep sleep and dreaming you feel fatigue and you cannot function properly, thinking is not so clear.

Talk about the rich getting rich with some of these systems yet getting onto the band wagon I have wandered how, it never seemed to work for me, yet it seemed everyone else was doing well. Maybe the answer is in doing what you are passionate about, learning the skills and techniques and planning most important of all have a system and routine to stick to so you can achieve a lot with your time.

Too much sleep will make you feel heavy and sometimes will leave you with a headache and no energy, recommendation is usually around eight hours this will help with physical well being and mental health.

Money worries and concerns can play heavy on our minds which can affect your ability this could be from shift work, tough sales targets leaving a person feeling irritable, tired and lethargic which can increase problems with your mental health.

Ever noticed by action and getting some areas resolved helps with  good quality sleep and can improve health thinking all over well-being dramatically, when I watch my cats they have no problem sleeping and it seems that every day is just heaven, they get up to as much mischief as possible so much for sleep.

Some evidence shows that skin cells regenerate faster at night than during the day, known as renewal and rejuvenating during sleep, the peak in cell division happens even if you stay awake at night, while the surge in growth hormone doesn’t.

How can one perform to their best ability, and keep healthy avoiding colds, flu, and viruses if their system is not renewed by good sound rest, this will affect moods and being able to make rational decisions in relation to survival?

Society puts a lot of pressure on human beings to day to get things right all the time, to succeed with little or no knowledge a make belief world or riches with no real education and assistance and often enough supporting the wrong people affecting sleep in others, so it is important to have a rest bite and get the sleep needed to protect one self so you can achieve great heights for you, whether it is art, writing, riding, a chosen care path or your own business, every thing takes time patience drive and enthusiasm and of course a little bit of lady luck and sleep.

The animal kingdom does not seem to have difficulty in this area maybe we can take a leaf out of their world.

close up photo of woman in white silk robe sleeping on a bed

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