It is a Crime to have no Money

man old depressed headache

I guess for many years I could say I became a expert, in my earlier years I worked two to three jobs and focused on becoming financially  free I never seemed to have enough money even with all the hard work, I focused on paying off the house and making my future a solid one with no money worries which included my passion for travel, the obstacle in the way was I married the wrong person my self-confidence and self-worth was low, and this is where many people will pick up on especially ones that are close to you.

You guess it, after paying the house off and getting ready to travel which I was so proud of achieving I lost it all, I had focus and energy and had to start all over again this inner feeling did not go away I struggled to pay the bills I always got by and lucky for me I attracted good friends that helped.

From experience, when you make the wrong decisions it not only knocks you down it makes you feel worthless and of course large organisations cash in, charging extra charges, interest and there is always someone out their to take away what you earn, I can remember my wise grandfather telling me as a young girl you can climb the ladder the only problem is holding on to what you have got.

It is true, there are a lot of jealous people who love giving advice especially when they have not achieved great heights, therefore be careful who you listen to and take advice only from those who are experienced and already proven their worth like rich Babylon years ago.

Only invest when you have done your research and take out the guest work, although today with minimum wage it is hard to put away savings when all your money goes on bills, the sort of advice I have received sell everything, this is fine if you are in a position of strength when you are down there are plenty of people to take advantage of situations best to change your situation with finding a way of earning more money.

Protect what you have, shop around for the best insurance, my father did not believe in insurance and this was his downfall, we lost everything and was virtually homeless.

A lot of people who are struggling often feel worthless and pressures like no money can cause mental illness and fatigue  weight loss or weight gain if you consider the power of the mind it can bring great fortune and also lose fortunes.

Then you have unforeseen circumstances that can change the stability of someone’s life which can be devastating and in some cases depending on the people around can lead to stealing and drugs and then it is a slippery downhill struggle with a nation that does not care and put in place the system that can help,  this is a crime.

If a person has good people around them and care for life this can be the difference between life and death and a good life, every living soul should have the right to a good life and education on money and values instilled in young people to give them a chance and their life not to become a crime.

The saddest part of the human system for most people they work hard all their life when they get to a point if they do, to enjoy what they have, they are too old or too ill, then there are plenty of scammers and legal system to take away their only right, home money and the right to live with the cost of care being so high and pressure to release equity giving them nothing in return except high interest rates, funeral bills. Tax.

Then you have those that do not work and get well looked after that have so much money they do not know what to do with it, but then I was always told life is not meant to be fair.

I ask you, who has really committed the crime?



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