Companies Suing and asking for Compensation

It seems that when the British people voted to come out of Brexit, politicians and the house of Lords do not know how to deal with England being British and wanting the best for their nation, a lot of taxpayer’s money is going to WHAT exactly.

It seems that majority of the government did not want to come out of Brexit and made head line news that Britain would be worse off, we have a prime minister who has never had the best interest of Britain at heart and to make a point that if we come out we would be worse off, and the deal she has tried on several occasions to get through which will never happen since it only supports the EU.

England as a country and nation is strong resilient and proud, we have come through World War 1, miners strikes, dockers strikes, World War 2, Women’s rights etc. British people worked hard and made it happen.

Do you blame investors and companies like P&O for looking to sue for £33 million when after two years of negotiations, if you can call it that and nothing has been agreed in the interest of the British People, instead our taxes are being sold down the river for no return.

It is time Britain came out of the EU, paid no more into it and put the money where it is needed building Britain, Schools Medical Roads and Company futures keep our produce and Cars we have talent to support it.

It is time to look at the infrastructure and make the changes and pay people a decent living gives back quality of life let people live, I can understand why we have earned the name of Rip off Britain. When the giants can overcharge and living cost is running away and standard of living slipping rapidly and government making their point, we will be worse off out of Brexit when the Government has deliberately made the disaster to prove their point.

This shamble needs addressing, and it is time to do right by the people and get someone who will get the right job done no deal and leave the EU.


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