Cruelty and Abused People

It seems today government bodies and the law are very relaxed when it comes to cruelty to young children and animals, recently we had a child throwing young puppies from a bucket into the cold water, authorities said nothing could be done because of the age of the child, a grandmother had saved the puppies, at the rate the puppies were thrown and the height they would had serious internal injuries and suffered, if by some miracle they managed to survive. This person laughed and treated it as joke to slaughter young life.

There was a report in Yemen of thousands of children been killed in the Saudi and UAE led war or sexually assaulted.

Then you have the Catholic priest son abused as young boy assaulted and abused children.

On the news the presenter was talking about abused and sexually assaulted children in Kathmandu, when I got married, there was a lot of pressure to have children I chose not to.

As good Catholics you should have a child twelve months after marriage for the grandparents, no matter if you can afford to bring up the child or give the child that valuable time needed to be able to survive.

It is said a child up to the age of eight is the most impressionable time they feel and see everything which conditions them for their future, I am not saying all will turn out bad.

However, for many children who are not valued have very low esteem, learning difficulties and social difficulties which affects their outlook and values on life, the law does nothing until someone is either killed or seriously injured.

From watching several murders true stories, a lot of the killers who as children has been subject to such abuse and neglect or turn to cruelty with animals and grow up to be monsters, killers, rapists, abusers, some of who hide behind religion.

If society or the world around us accepts life has no value then the murders, knife crimes, assaults will not only get worse but will become a way of life and no one will be safe.

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