Scamming Britain

I was listening to a scamming report on the radio when travelling to work, the reporter mentioned they successfully got a result the women was intelligent and was looking for love on the dating channels, the scammers where very clever she meet the person  through much correspondence and he convinced her  that he loved her and asked for money, even showing the money that would be returned to her. She was convinced this was genuine cashed her mothers and her money the scammers got away with £170,000 she never got a penny back and they served three years in jail.

Yet, if this woman loses her business and cannot pay her bills the solicitor would have got paid, the system will charge her. Is this justice?. She will be entitled to no support what so ever.

Another with pensions, cash in your pension or reinvest many people are left with no savings and the state pension is not worth having, yet if they cannot afford to live, they could be homeless.

Then of course, you have the internet and apps fraud press on this button which looks valid then you find they have access to all your accounts and before you know it all funds are taken which means not being able to even live from day to day. Making life  almost impossible.

As a profession I did telemarketing for reputable firms and made a fair living and the companies did very well, even this has been affected with fake callers trying to sell Bitcoin, or problems with your computers or a recent accident.

The issue here is the police are powerless and nothing is really being done to control these crimes where the fraudsters are getting clever and the fact, they know they will not be taken to justice and will get away with their crimes because the system will not cope with it.

Then you have the organisations like energy companies and government scamming people out of their money with high charges for daily living leaving a lot of people in the cold and not able to live.

Britain voted to come out of the EU, a lot of politicians did not want to come out therefore they are scamming the British people with paying into Britix with tax payers money and making sure they get their point across.

It is a wander that with the latest election people showed their disapproval when we are being scammed left right and centre and the system does not support the honest hard-working people instead take and take and take.

Unfortunately, more people are being affected and before we know it the tide will turn and society will take the law into their own hands and this is going to be disastrous, we have seen this happen in other countries with riots and protests.

Surely it is time for politicians and the legal system to start looking at these issues and address them before it is too late.

man in black holding phone
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

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