Government Supporting Businesses

I feel very strongly about the support businesses get. I watched the television in one of my breaks to see Theresa May screwing a screw in with a screwdriver claiming they support local businesses.

I have endeavoured to start up small businesses myself and only for my close friends is the reason I have persisted I felt like giving up many times when is enough, enough.

The job centre only pays £300.00 per month out this you are supposed to pay all your bills and mortgage they provide courses for you attend which is free of charge although you must pay to get there.

Amazing £67.00 per month for six months then £33.00 per month for the following to start any business you need capital.

There is no advice or help you must report in every second Thursday and if you are lucky enough to get the business off the ground then all well and good the advisers at the centres are not able to advise you or give any help.

The learning curves are great you not only have to learn how to design your own web sites also become a specialist in marketing and other areas.

I wander if I am a lone on this one, I have paid professional people to do a job and had to write most of the money off since they have not delivered on the agreement months weeks go by you normally have to pay up front once the money is gone then it is gone.

Courts, from my own experience with courts is not favourable even with a tight case all the facts depending on the judge on the day sometimes all the evidence is not allowed to be presented or ignored totally and normally the rogue’s traders get away with the defence. I took a company to court years ago and many of us went bankrupt and they were able to start up again. I have a friend who works in the legal profession and they have written off thousands for this reason she has managed through telesales to get some of it back it says a lot when the courts are not considered.

They have their purpose although in many cases it is not worth even considering with the fat cats ready to gleam off you any savings or money.

Am I alone, so I ask you what is the government doing for small business?

90% of businesses fail, banks charging extreme fees and only help when a business is cash happy and do not need their assistance.

Hugh learning curves with many failures, poor management of time an understanding employment law and employing people, insufficient funds, considering location and traffic, lack of planning and structuring and of course marketing and social media.

Yet, if a lot of projects with the business plan approved was to have the support needed and assistance they would probably succeed and more jobs would be created to me this would make more sense of the money spent instead of being wasted on people in charge being paid extreme amounts for very little return, it seems the money is not going where it needs to go to support England as a nation to me this is scary stuff.

five person sitting front of conference table with laptop computers
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