Brexit and Royal Family

I was speaking to my friend the other day and he was telling me that the British People was having a chat back and wanted to get rid of the Royal Family altogether.

I find this amusing since England is well known all around the world for the Monarchy.

Have people got short memory retention the Queens Palace very much admired by tourist bringing healthy income into England, the Queen has Buckingham Palace in London and also Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Windsor Castor which when I first came to England before the big fire they had the arrival of the Queen, the coach, coachmen and Wax people walking across the stage and singing it was marvellous and a wonderful experience, sadly there is only markets their today it saddens me the future generations did not get the opportunity to experience Vera Lyn singing on stage.

A lot of people come to see Queen’s Guard in red tunics and bearskins hats traditionally spends two hours on duty and four hours off, they are expected to stand still for more than ten minutes at a time and march up and down and is enjoyed by many, let’s be British.

Now let’s get down to work that is done behind the scenes the Prince of Wales charities work to transform lives and build sustainable communities, He carries out dozens of engagements every year in support of charities. Collectively these raise more than £100 million annually to support The Prince of Wales charitable work in the UK and overseas.

Now let’s look at our much-loved Diana, one of the most beautiful women her dynamic personality and generosity her contribution to Aids charity and Land Mines crusading with the International Red Cross and Crescent movement helping children and others after the conflict. Centrepoint is an organisation that helps the homeless youth and teens getting them off streets providing temporary shelter, opening hospitals and supporting the sick including the Leprosy Mission.

Now her children taking over the roles from where their mother left off, I am sure as she now floats around heaven with other angels, she is so proud of her two children and what they have become, how can we forget all this goodness of British that makes us a proud nation.

Now we have Brexit with the government not telling the British people what the actual deal is and not doing right by the Royal Family, Wealthy and Poor sending our tax money to Brexit when it should be doing what the Royal family has done for centuries.

I truly hope the Queen steps in for she is known for having the honour and strength to do what is right and be an anchor for her family and the press and admired and respected by all top leaders it time to sort out Parliament and save Britain.

I truly believe true Angels work amongst us silently doing good and helping others while the majority stay as whinging poms sitting down with a beer and pizza complaining doing nothing.

At least Meghan at the age of twelve wrote into a company about an add she felt was discriminating women and got the add changed the message in America then mentioned everyone not just women.

Megan has always been confident and stands by her beliefs and now is part of our Royal Family personally I am honoured and proud to British and an Australian and believe in the good for others this is the reason the Monarchy should be respected and enjoyed and treasured by our country for centuries to come.

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1076914a / Dame Vera Lynn

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