No Deal Brexit and British People

pexels-photo-672532I was driving to work listening to BBC, with the latest on Brexit and I feel very strongly I should put my point of view forward, a talk of how Britain will suffer with no deal and longer delays in getting into Europe.

I do not know about others I have not heard what the actual deal is yet none of the wealthy or parliament agree to this which I cannot help but believe Britain is being sold down the river.

To hit insult to injury Theresa May’s salary of £150,402 a year and most MP’s on 77,000 per year and pay increase of 11% when the deal for Britain is not done, in any company I worked for you had to earn a pay increase, most employees are lucky to get 2% increase, I am sure the British people want answers.

Mentioned on BBC that we invest £19 billion which we currently hand over every year about £350 million each week.

Yet millions of children are living in poverty since 2005 there has been no real wage increase for employees just inflation in living cost pushing families to despair.

Someone who has worked all their life get £100.00 per week to live on and most people paying interest only, unfortunately for me I have worked hard and with the organisations that are supposed to support in times of crisis this did not happen which like many others our future is doom.

Then for further misery people who invested in bonds the company has gone bust saying that because the people who invested thousands was not covered because they were not personally advised will lose all their money, yet the government can find tax payers money to bail out the banks when Northern Rock went bust.

It is not time that someone did what is right and make sure people have security and bailed out in this situation, there will be riots and turmoil if the people in power do not wake up and stop the greed.

Why is it that this 19 million cannot be put back to the British people support start up business they say the government is supporting England, I have not experienced this, just high interest charges and no support at all as a matter of fact the figures do not add up.

Why it is that the money given to those who have not earned it put back to the British people to improve lives for education and housing and control the giants with large running costs.

This generation with regulations has become wasteful and taken from those that cannot afford it even the rich will suffer eventually if there is not enough to go around, if a river bed is dry and sun backed you will get no more water.

British people because of these facts wanted to leave Brexit yet no one seems to have the balls to carry through what British people requested. I am sure the outcome will be remembered and not forgotten by the British and not forgiven.

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