Desperate Pet Owners

With more people and very little time I cannot help feel from the news I see and what my friends tell me a great amount of the population has lost the real values and consideration for any living soul.

My friend told me about a dog being dropped off and a basket left on the other side of the road the dog thought it was a game at first then suffered anxiety and fear luckily the RSPCA did find a home for the dog.

When their is no consideration for cat’s and just let them breed we are killing off the wild life not to take time to think about the emotions mental torture starvation and fear these animals feel everyday.

I cannot understand why anyone does not take time to realise all animals have feelings and emotions just like people they are intelligent and this I experience daily. I could not stand by and see the cat’s suffer I have many cat’s because of this they are like children and it is challenging although the love and passion I receive to me has been better than most relationships.

I have seen these cat’s personalities change, I have seen them play and get up to all types of mischief I could not imagine.

I designed and research all about cat’s because I had too. This means if you are crazy about cats you have the answers at your finger tips on You Tube and the Website you will discover that in fact with common sense and knowing what to look out for and what to do is not costly and you do not need to run to the vets and pay high bills like some articles suggest and use the vet when you really need to.

Have you ever been lonely, scared, frightened,  or even wander where you are going to live and try to survive, have you been hungry and not been able to buy any food or needed clothing. Have you seen the dark side of life in any way,  then you will understand how these abounded animals feel and what they are going through.

If you want to know more visit You Tube Getcatcrazy

or Website http://www.getcatcrazy.website and do comment or subscribe to our channel and do pass the information on to those that need it.


animal lover beautiful girl blurred background dog
Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Pexels.com

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