News – Pensions Frozen – Are the Politicians in the Real World

I was listening to the radio on the way to work in the morning about pensions for the elderly and how it would cost the tax payers to much to increase it, the amount of £100.00 per week, like most people I have worked all my life from 18 years of age and for most of my life I have worked two and sometimes three jobs to survive.

I have made some bad choices and lost a lot of money and not well off today and like others who have not paid off their home because they are just surviving will find themselves not enjoying retirement like our parents and grandparents instead working until we are 100 because the pension will be lucky to pay our increasing grocery and living cost.

If you have left the country then this has been frozen and you will receive £50.00 per week, the cost of living rising all the time and unreasonable vet and home running cost and high interest for those that need to borrow to just exist is making people ill.

Yet we have supported our countries all our lives and paid into the system, I find this very scary and horrifying that society seems to support those that are criminals and live off the state or highly paid politicians that retire on over payments out of touch with reality.

It is known that cats and dogs for elderly provide a purpose and a structured day with a reason to live by Walking, grooming, feeding and playing with a pet can bring a sense of empowerment and an opportunity for an older person still to be in a caring and nurturing role, rather than being restricted  giving them companionship and friendship and in some cases their only friend they receive unconditional love and affection which helps with self-esteem and self-worth taking away loneliness and helps with memory reduce blood pressure, by stroking helps overall health.

Yet the older generation are denied this right because not only have they paid their taxes and lost because of greedy money advisers and criminals being supported because police cannot or will not press the law, denying the baby boomers their right to enjoy the last days of their life.

What is the world coming too?

silver tabby cat sleeping on person hand
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com


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