Cat’s Being Dumped in Tamworth

I felt very strongly I should write about this, I do not think people realise that cats and dogs have emotions and feelings and in fact feel the cold and misery just like humans do.

I see from social media the cruelty to animals which concerns me greatly, where I live in the United Kingdom cats get constantly dumped, they are normally six years or older left like rubbish to support themselves, they are never neutered.

This means wild kittens are born and will either die from starvation or manage to live a miserable lonely existence fighting for survival, never mind the small mammals and wild life that is affected which in return will affect our sustainable food supply.

I received a call from my close friend who has been feeding such a cat, she would let him in the porch area at least he has some comfort from the cold bitter winter.

She asked me to come down and help the cat had been bitten and was an older ginger tom, we knew if we got him in time, he would be okay, sadly this is not the case, the cat screamed with pain in the evening and died.

What has happened to compassion? Has society lost it?

How would you like to be left this way, any human or animal subjected to extreme conditions through the skin and paws kidneys and liver get affected the cold penetrates and often a death this way is painful, slow and cruel?

That cute kitten or puppy Is for life do not disregard life like rubbish, it is the most precious gift of all and gives so much pleasure in many ways depending on the true love and care given, always try and find a home for them the streets are no place for an unwanted pet.

Over winter months keep your animal inside in the warm and take care of them because of this dumping I have seventeen cats they are in side for a reason, to be safe and healthy and cuts down on expensive vet bills they are happy, and content and I give them all the love and attention.

This can be challenging although the rewards from my cats are great they are loving and content they play together, yes, there is the odd squabble they are just like children and this is the reason I do a lot of research for getcatcrazy.website, so people know how to look after their animal and not have expensive cost.

Why not email me sally@getcatcrazy.website

adorable animals cats cute
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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