I am confused about today’s society we seem to support in this world the most barbaric actions, animals with feet being cut off, kittens dumped and dogs tied up in the coldest nights with a bowl of water and little food.

Because of the pain and fear if the animal acts then it is dangerous and put down, horses killed because they do not make money any more, plastic in our rivers starving the oxygen to our marine life, killing vegetation.

Trees being taken down forest removed killing off our wild animals which often enough is a chain reaction and only for a few organisations some of these may survive.

Large supermarkets throwing away billions of food, we have taken the vegetables and fruit from the ground and killed the animals yet we are prepared to waste it and let people in places like Afghanistan  starve to death.

It is reported about 29,000 children under the age of five, 21 each minute are dying from diarrhoea, malaria, pneumonia and starvation, yet the people that cause the wars have food, have shelter, have power.

In the 21st century all around the world we are now seeing an unhappy planet raging fires, dust storm, floods, earthquakes.

I am told from certain organisations enough is being done, yet knife and gun killings are on the way up, why is this?

The most precious gift of all is life, yet we abuse it, we do not have time for the next generation or care, often enough when a child is not valued raped, beaten, bullied they feel worthless they lose their soul and before we know it we have a serial killer or mass murder on the loose.

Banks and credit organisations charging unrealistic charges to those without money no help for people who want to get on, and when they do succeed lets tax them so they go under.

Our welfare system throwing money at alcoholics, mentally ill people who have so much to spend they waste even more of the tax payers money and our health system resources.

For those that offend because they are desperate and have no where to go put on the streets, Why is their not facilities with proper trained people to help these people and utilise the wastage going on?

No help virtually for the homeless, benefits stopped people starving and freezing like our unloved animals, vets charging ridiculous prices along with insurance companies  causing pain and suffering.

I believe it will not be the atomic bomb that kills man kind, man kind will kill the world we have lost our values and the most important gift of all LIFE.


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