How do cats show affection?

Having so many cats they show affection in different ways they get jealous and do want attention when they want it they are very affectionate and loving.

My friends cat show affection by biting her hair and nudging her, at times for appreciation they will bring home birds and mice unfortunately if a cat has had a small animal and it is still alive the cat’s saliva from the cat is fatal and they will pick up temporarily with no antidote the outcome is fatal.

Head butt from a cat is an indication of their affection towards you it is like giving you a hug I love you.

Playful nibbling and foot pushing in a playful mood showing trust Sandy loves to roll around and kick her feet when changing of a bed or table and show her affection with helping with the housework.

Kneading you this is from the comfort of being with mother and a way of showing their love and affection also they are showing you they are secure.

Flipping of the tail showing their happiness and love.

Making eye contact showing and being close.

With my cat Pepsi she loves to roll around on her back showing her tummy with her paws in the air wanting affection and only enough either wise you will be greeted with a bite. Eventually by rolling around on her tummy she is showing she is defensive in case of attack a sign of trust not a care in the world.

Following you where you go, Molly has followed myself to the shops this is because they trust you and love you and want to know where you are or walking in between your feet tripping you up because they want to be close.

Choosing to sleep with you they love to sleep above the head or under the arm or cuddled up, the closeness to you showing their love or licking your ears and hands.

Little meows talking to you cats have different tones in their meows to communicate with you.


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