How to Care for Senior Cats?

In the Guinness World Records is reported a cat has lived to the ripe age of 38 years and 3 days born 3rd August 1967 died 06th August 2005.

Once a cat gets to 7-10 years of age they are considered seniors, with increasing age it is important to consider their diet, so they stay healthy and the need to visit the vet for poor health is limited.

It has been reported that around 90% of cats over the age of 12 can suffer from arthritis, cod liver oil in their diet can help with keeping them subtle.

The other area is of course teeth with tartar build up this can cause gum disease and tooth decay so clean their teeth regularly, I have sixteen cats, from one year to 18 years old every two to three weeks I clean their teeth with animal toothpaste and animal tooth brush the human version of dental care is not suitable for cats and dogs. I find my cats do not grind their teeth and they all have good teeth and gums this certainly helps with eliminating tooth decay, with dental problems this can result in weight loss, kidney thyroid liver heart disease.

Some cats can become inactive and put on weight which could lead to sugar diabetes especially if you are feeding them cheap brands of food which is not full of protein and mainly meat products since they are carnivores.

Always prevention better than curer since vet bills can add up very quickly.

Since cats require protein avoid mainly vegetarian food and feed them fresh fish and meat as well as good quality biscuits and tin food. They require nutrients such as taurine and arachidonic acid that are only found in animal sources.

Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial for senior cats consider diets lower in sodium feeding your cat with the nutrients needed this can help with eliminating diseases in your cat.

Of course, allowing cats to be able to run up and down stairs and run around to keep their joints and muscles in good condition and play is also an important part.

Have clean litter boxes and food and drink accessible for them that is easy for them to get to on ground floor.

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