Sally Gilson

Sally Gilson lived in Australia until the early nineties growing up she had pets’ cats and dogs and went swimming often with her white cat and white dog across the Hastings River, she then travelled to England to pursue her dream of travelling which she managed to achieve a small amount of.

Moved to Staffordshire where she bought her home and after a short time a lodger bought in a small cat which she did not look after and Sally kept as her own building a strong bond with this spoilt animal, then a stray turned up with tar on his tail and green and soar ears, after a short time with Sally’s encouragement he moved in and lived happily for many years before dying of aids.

Then another stray turned up and stayed and is still happily living with many other cats because of the dumping of cats in the area which would have suffered fatal deaths through the cold and starvation Sally now owns sixteen cats.

Sally saved one cat which lived for six months could not get this cat trust in time even though he had a good life in the end he suffered a heart attack. Because of his misery he would attack everyone and every animal, he had ear mites’ long fur which was knotted and tangled he had scabs and fleas.

Once the cat was maintained and brushed and neutered his personality changed he was very loving and loyal and finally purred a lot living happily with the other animals.

Through these experiences a very quick realisation happened if the cats went to the vet often then it would not be long before Sally would become bankrupt therefore a large learning curve and research was taken to truly understand cats and their health.

Through this knowledge gained getcatcrazy was developed to give high quality products and knowledge to save the cat owner a fortune in unwanted bills since knowledge puts you in the winning seat and gives you control.


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