Getcatcrazy Newsletter

Get cat crazy has taken a couple of months to build then focus on getting the site known so people can enjoy the benefits of the site.

Even with all the effort this has been a slow start, now we are getting ready to publish our books on cats which is very exciting for us since we are looking to make them free for Getcatcrazy cat lovers.

We have also created videos on our You Tube Getcatcrazy channel with helpful tips from the blogs written which we hope you all get to enjoy and benefit from.

We are still looking to work in with more people to help cat owners and develop in the community.

Over the past few months a couple of black cats has been dumped and it seems unfortunately one has perished.

Over the summer months it is not too bad for cats although as winter approaches the misery and pain comes with it.

We urge people to consider what they are doing when taking on an animal it is your responsibility not someone else’s to take on.

Animals are very sensitive and have feelings like people and Christmas is now fast approaching so be sure when you say yes to that adorable kitten you want it and will love and care for her or him for life.


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