Living with Cats

Living with cats can be challenging especially if you have several, they are just like children and need to be treated differently depending on their personalities.

Some cats are shy and timid by breed and only want a small amount of attention if they are feed and shown attention when they need it they are happy.

Other cats want to be close and do not want other animals around they can become stress if attention is not given or there is an aggressive cat within the group.
Some cats become jealous want all the attention they can get and will spray to show their disapproval so giving the right attention to each animal can be challenging.

Others are just naughty want to get up to as much as possible if they are ginger and Bangel then this is a challenge they are intelligent and mischievous will pull clothes off hangers, hung up the phone on you, pinch the meat and hide things.

Black and White cats are usually very loving and will show appreciation and want as much attention you can give.

Black slim cats are normally shy and only want a little fuss.

Torte shell cats want attention at night and do not like it when you leave them
Grey cats like a fuss and will join the ring leaders in the group.

As I mentioned from living with cats it can be very challenging their likes in food is different some love king prawn’s others love chicken, and some eat beef, they all like variety and their treats like cat treat biscuits a sure way of getting every cat in is with a bag of Dreamies.

They all need brushing and checking for fleas and parasites the tort shell cats seem more acceptable to fleas and some breeds can be affected with just the touch of a flea.

Having plenty of beds and trays and if they get stressed this is when behaviour problems set in cat’s love harmony in the home and generally do not like change.

Cats are very adaptable, they chose the person they want to be with they grieve and have very good memories they are very quick they can run as fast as 30mph and have extremely good hearing and can see very well in dusk not in total darkness.

They purr when happy or nervous they do no show pain or discomfort so knowing your cat is important.

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